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Natural bioactive substance

  • Bioactive substance is a material that controls physiological function and it corrects abnormality of bio function caused by deficit or excessive secretion. Such bioactive substance is contained in various foods and bioactive substance delays aging and prevents adult diseases through anti-oxidative operation, detoxification, immune function augmentation, hormone control and antibacterial and antivirus activities.
  • Studies on nature generated bioactive substance is a multi-disciplinary area with chemistry and biology. Cosmax uses R&I Center and industry-academy network to study natural antibacterial agency, microorganism Quorum Sensing inhibitor, antidiabetes and anti-obesity material, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory materials. We achieved various research performances such as ‘development of oral microbiology improvement material through bio-film formation inhibition from natural material (patent application)’ and ‘development of a new complex polysaccharide reinforced with immune function by combining existing single polysaccharide (patent to be applied).

New material and formulation of functional food and cosmetics

  • Functional food development is an area where bio technology including functional assessment technology, processing technology and dielectric analysis technology are included. We research and develop new material and formulation of functional food and cosmetics and acquire health functional food and cosmetics functional license in order to improve scientific performance and reliability. And, we carry out research to develop functional material in relevant area.
  • We carry out studies on skin whitening, anti-aging and anti-acne material and we published a research results such as ‘improvement of skin whitening effect and functionality of Vitamin C using silicon oil coating technology (Patent)’ and ‘development of enteric coating technology for intestine dissolution through acidity control.’
R&D network

For key material and new formulation development, Cosmax carries out research in collaboration with Cosmax Technical Lab, a mother company, research labs of main universities (Yonsei Univ., Sungkyunkwna Univ, Kookmin Univ. etc.) and government research institutes.