Factory outline

COSMAX NBT Icheon Factory is the largest factory in a single health functional food factory in Korea which is designed to apply KGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for one-stop process from material supply to finished goods packing. It produces various products including tablet, capsule, stick, soft capsule, liquid, tea bag, pill, granule and powder. In particular, it introduced ‘triple tablet formulation facility’ that enables to contain 3 functions in one table for the first in Korea’s health functional food industry. And, it has analysis room according to KOLAS (International certification testing agency) together with technical lab.


Productionfapcrtoervy outline facilities

International standard design!
Optimized system for sterile test in an independent space

  • – Automatic system suitable for GMP(Good manufacturing practices)
  • – RO (reverse osmosis pressure) system
  • – Eco-friendly waste water treatment system
  • – Hepa filter & constant temperature and humidity clean room
Equipments Capacity
Blender U-blender 1,150kg
Mixer V-mixer 1,200kg
High speed mixer 1,000kg
Double cone mixer 17,500kg
Drum Mixer 300kg
Ribon mixer 1,200kg
Miller Power miller 350kg/hr
Jet miller 200kg/hr
Fluidizer 1,300kg
Granulator Rotary granulator 150kg/hr
Selector Tablet selector 20,000T
Capsule selector 200,000C
Dryer Heat dryer 400kg
Ragular dryer 100kg
Tableting Machine 1 layer 900,000T
2 layers 400,000T
3 layers 150,000T
Packing PTP(6~10) 1,000,000C
Multi-pack 30,000p
6-row pouch pack 180,000T
Equipments Capacity
Coating Machine Automatic coater 800kg
Filler Soft capsule filler 800,000C
Hard capsule filler 900,000C
Jelly filler 65,000P
Stick filler for powder(1.5~40g) 1,000,000P
Rotary pouch filler for powder 100,000P
Bottle filler for powder(60~750g) 5,000B
Bottle filler for tablet or capsule 16,000B
Stick filler for liquid(15g) 60,000P
Pouch filler for liquid(20~190ml) 100,000P
Bottle filler for liquid(30~1000ml) 80,000B
Enhancer filler 40,000B
Stenilizer UHT sterilizer 5,800L
Tank Mixing tank 6,000L
Buffer tank 5,000L
Effluent tank 4,000L
Gelatin melting tank 600L
Jelly formation tank 300kg
Extruder Extruder 960kg
Bottle filler for extruder 5,000B

Quality prpordeuvc tion facilities management

3-STEP Quality Control

Raw material inspection (ICP) → Product analysis (HPLC.GC) → Systematic management and education.

The 3 step based QC system verifies product potency, safety and stability and ensures high quality through leading edge device analysis, microorganism test and physical and chemical test.

QC Process

From product design through strict selection of material to product release. From precise mixed process to final packing process. No error is tolerated using scientific online automatic system.